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At Rathlin Castle our focus is to help you become a successful grant writer by offering a variety of services. Our primary focus is our Successful Grant Writer Course, but we also offer grant strategic advice, grant coaching, and grant reviewer services. For a few select long-term clients we also write their grants as as well. Please explore our web page and contact our Grant Strategist, Stewart Bruce, if you have any questions please email [email protected]

The Three Key Steps to Become a Successful Grant Writer.

This self-paced online course will teach you a well-developed system that is designed to make you become a fantastic grant writer and bring the funds in to support your personal and organizational goals.

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The Three Key Steps

Idea Development

Grant makers prefer to fund great and innovative ideas and you need to develop your idea so that you can attract their attention.

Funding Sources

You can have the best idea in the world but if you can't find someone that has a grant that can provide you funding then your idea may not come to fruition.

Grant Writing

All writing takes practice.  My simple system shows you the fundamental skills you need to develop your winning proposals.

The Grant Strategist 

Stewart Bruce is a successful grant writer with a twenty-year record of millions of dollars in successful awards following the same three step system that you will learn if you take our course.

Click below to read more about a few successful grants that Stew has written.  Let him help you with other grant related services on your path to be a successful grant writer.

For a complete background on Stew, click the link in the web page footer for his LinkedIn page.

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Grant Related Services

Rathlin Castle offers a full-suite of grant related services.

- Grant Coaching

- Grant Research

- Grant Reviews before you submit

- Organizational Needs Assessments

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Successful Grant Writer Course

Click here for more information about how the Successful Grant Writer course can transform you into a winner.


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