USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant

One of my all-time favorite grants is the USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine grant.  I’ve written quite a lot of these for both telemedicine and distance learning applications; for both hospitals and schools.  The USDA likes to use what I call “Congressional Math” to help sort out applicants.  For full-disclosure, I just submitted one of these for a client asking for $499,892.  And I was surprised at the number of changes in the “ranking formula” from the last time I submitted so I thought I would share some of my observations.

One of the key factors in this grant is that the school or hospital should be located in a rural area.  If you are in a place with a population less than 5,000 folks you score 40 points.  More than 20,000, you score a big fat zero.  As you might imagine picking the sites that end up being part of an application is an art.  But the big change here is the USDA went away from determining...

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