The Successful Grant Writer Course Syllabus

Syllabus - The Three Key Steps to Become a Successful Grant Writer

Instructor:  Stewart Bruce, Grant Strategist at Rathlin Castle


This self-paced online course will teach you a well-developed system that is designed to make you become a fantastic grant writer and bring the funds in to support your personal and organizational goals.  The course content is available through the web site and each lesson will be managed through this web site. 

The course consists of lectures that are recorded as a video with assignments.  Each student will receive personal feedback from your instructor as you progress through the course.  Individual coaching appointments with your instructor are available upon request.  The goal of this course is to make you a successful grant writer.

Course Lesson Outline

Lesson One – Introduction and Overview

Lesson Two – Idea Generation – Overview and Innovation

Lesson Three – Partners

Lesson Four – Community Need

Lesson Five – Objectives, Organizational Buy-In, Customer Input

Lesson Six – Finding Sources

Lesson Seven – More Research

Lesson Eight – Top Ten Grant Sources

Lesson Ten – Partner Letters

Lesson Eleven – Where to Start Writing?

Lesson Twelve – The Narrative

Lesson Thirteen – Review, Rewrite, Repeat

Lesson Fourteen – The Final Details

Lesson Fifteen – Success

Course Costs

The course costs $495 per person.  Group discounts are available.

Contact Stew via email [email protected] if any questions.

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